Health & IoT Service Applications Platform 4.0

HISAP4 has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) until March 2019 to develop a concept for the creation of a research, development and testing platform for innovative digital health services and health applications.

The result is a novel concept for a generic, digital health care platform, which combines self-sufficient application modules of digital health care services with digital assistance systems for clinical, medical, nursing and personal healthcare.

An innovative approach for a digital healthcare marketplace has been developed, where medical device and healthcare IT vendors and service providers can offer their developed digital health services in the form of quality-assured microservices. The consumer of the services can test individual modules of interest in a quality-assured HISAP4 runtime environment provided to him.

The purchase of HISAP4 Health Services will incure fees to operate the HISAP4 Health Marketplace.

Advantages in a glance

Intuitive Nutzerschnittstelle über Smartphone und Tablet
Browser-basierte Nutzung individualisierter Gesundheitsdienste
Automatisierte Erzeugung standardisierter Dokumente
Management von persönlich geführten elektronischen Gesundheitsakten (peGA)

The HISAP4 toolbox of modular components

Baukasten aus kombinierbaren digitalen Modulen und Services, mit denen in einfacher Weise individualisierte und umfassende Gesundheitsanwendungen in Form von interoperablen Microservices geschaffen werden können.

Which digital services are offered?

There are digital services for purposes in health administration, healthcare and for social purposes that can be tailored to the needs of HISAP4 users.

Basic Functions

Provision of basic functions and digital services for safe and secure use of the HISAP4 platform

Cloud-based Open Health Plattformen (OHP)

Provision of interoperable digital health services from cloud-based "Open-Health-Platforms (OHP)" to the HISAP4 user

AI - Services

Provision of digital services and microservice applications, which utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms

CIS/ PHR/ EHR/ MDS/ PHD / PoCD / SDC - Integration

Provision of cyber-physical health services and microservice applications which couple through standardized interfaces (e.g. HL7) to clinical information systems (CIS), personal health records (PHR), electronic health records (EHR), practice computer systems, medical device systems (MDS), personal health devices (PHD), point of care devices (PoCD) and connected devices in service-oriented networks (SDC)


Health 4.0 E-Store

When implementing the HISAP4 project, the technical and organizational requirements for a digital HISAP4 marketplace and e-store are to be created. A cooperative "NewOrg" will be founded which runs the digital marketplace of interoperable microservices products. Medical device system (MDS) manufacturers and IT vendors offer their interoperable microservices and cyber-physical systems on the HISAP4 marketplace. Health delivery organizations, 3rd-party integration vendors and health citizens are the potential consumers/buyers of the cyber-physical health microservices.

HISAP4 ist ein vom BMBF gefördertes Projekt

The 9-month BMBF-funded HISAP4 concept phase ended in March 2019. The UniTransferKlinik Lübeck (UTK) is looking for investors and financial backers from private and public sectors to implement the HISAP4 concept and set up a digital marketplace for quality-assured digital health services.

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